Sunday, September 14, 2014

Nottingham in the fog

How to spend 6 hours in Nottingham? D#2 was at the University open day, so a click on birdguides and Attenborough Nature Reserve it was. A network of gravel pits, some with some hides and conservation effort, and a cracking centre with cakes, coffee, books etc.

My Kowa 883 needs some small repairs, soI took my reserve scope, my trusty Kowa TS-2 (un-coated) with the 32x wide angle lens that served me well for years. I pitched up at the first likely looking site, quick scan with the bins, popped up the scope, and Jesus where has l that fog come from? And why do my eyes hurt so much? And how on earth did I seen anything at all through this?

Some excellent conversation with locals, and a star bird too! Not the kingfisher or Sparrowhawk that sat out in the open, or the Garganey close in, or the Hobby way up high, or even the Snow Geese that cruised around with the local tame Geese, or the Wigeon just turning up for the winter. No the clear stand out star-bird was not even mentioned by anyone anywhere, it was the flock of Tree Sparrows on the reserve centre feeders. Some people don't know how lucky they are.

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