Monday, August 4, 2014

MBYOW Equipment

... so when I finally do this big year ... I'll need some technology if I'm going to do the full wildlife thing. Here's a set of kit.
  1. binoculars, obviously
  2. telescope, ditto, plus tripod
  3. camera. but which one? there's a few items here ... digiscoping, a long lens, video capability, and some close-up stuff for the kind of things that are small, or rooted to the spot, or preferably both. There's a post or two worrying just about this.
  4. Sound, in (song bird recording) and out (ability to hear bird song or calls for those frequent "what on earth is that?" moments). but not out when it upsets birds on territory, because that would be bad.
  5. bat recording stuff.
  6. bleeper, so I can see the stuff others find. Could be a thin year otherwise.
  7. If I'm sea watching, then a comfortable yet portable seat.
  8. Do I need a separate tripod for camera?
I think that's it. do I need to collect stuff? owl pellets?some small sample bags?

So should anyone stumble across this, please leave suggestions or fill in any gaps.

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