Sunday, March 16, 2014

Local Spring time

Bright weather and a couple of opportunities to get out with some wildlife action. If some of MBYOW will be spent chasing rare and notable birds at distance then some of it will be spent locally, and finding out the full range of wildlife present in this area would seem to be a good thing to do. So, inspired by an article on Bees in the excellent British Wildlife, I bought a book on Bumble Bee identification (thanks for the recommendation Dave), and prepared for action.

Once you start looking, you see bees everywhere. I saw 10 + today, but I think these were all the same species, Bombus Terrestris or Buff-tailed Bumble Bee. They were all large queens mainly flying low looking for nest sites on the ground but I did see a few flying through trees which I assume were this species. Otherwise signs of spring everywhere - the annual Gadwall migration has c10 on SLRS with a couple of Teal and last week two Little Grebes. Chiffchaffs of course, and some local birds getting busy claiming territories and fighting with their neighbours.

Some photos of spring. All, you will notice, of things that don't move. I tried some of bees but they wouldn't sit still. Another thing I'd do in MBYOW is learn to take photos properly. Or else Mike will be on my case. 

lots of switches going from the roots straight up - why? Is this to do with prior coppicing?

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