Sunday, October 27, 2013

Firecrests & MBYOW

don't go getting all excited. I haven't just seen one.

I did see one a few years ago in Hatfield Forest, and of course I've seen them at various costal watchpoints in the usual season,but its still a noteable bird for me. I feel I undersee them because I'm not familiar enough with the call to pick them up when they are around.

Firecrests are getting commoner, and by joining the dots I'd say they are getting commoner at quite a pace. Consider these three observations: Firecrests are widespread breeders in the west and north of Herts according to various local watchers. Firecrests are regular in winter at some local woods in NE London. In Dorset, Abbotsbury Tropical Gardens regularly has double figures of these birds.

They must be around here. So come MBYOW, I'm going to go looking for them. That's one more activity for the list.

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